Our Origin

On April 17th, 2021, Only Originals Allowed was born. Created and founded by Adalid Feliu Jr., also known simply as (A.D.), this Faith-based Streetwear Brand is determined to impact the culture through clothing. Birthed out of a passion for authenticity, creativity and a love for fashion, Adalid decided to create a brand that was not only Faith-based but also dope & original. Sticking with the slogan, "We make dope clothing that isn't corny." He wanted to use the clothing to start the conversation. When people ask you, "What is that?", "What does that mean?", or "Where did you get that?". It becomes the open door. So many times, we try to recreate or follow a path that others are already on instead of creating our own lane. This brand embodies that philosophy. Help us reach the world with the message of Jesus. Every piece of fabric we design is a conversational piece and an open door to share our faith. Be original and let your Identity speak!